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What To Bring To A Consultation

  1. Please bring a referral letter from your doctor.
  2. Please complete this registration form and present it at reception on arrival at the clinic. 
  3. It is helpful for you to record a personal written history of your current condition including a list of all symptoms. A summary of your past medical history is also very useful.
  4. If possible please bring copies of X-ray reports,  pathology tests and a copy of your Health Care plan prepared by your GP.
  5. Please bring a note book or diary which will be used to organise your health issues.  The My Health Organiser has been designed for this purpose.

To assist in gathering comprehensive information the following questionaires can be downloaded and brought to the consultation.

  1. Completed Pain asessment form - Click here to download
  2. Completed symptom check list     - Click here 
  3. If You have Fibromyalgia please complete this form.
  4. A completed Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile Click here
  5. Medication and supplement record: Having a complete and up to date list of all the medication and supplements that you take is essential for quality health management. I invite you to download this form, fill it in and  bring it with you to each consultation.  Click here to download this form.
  6. A food diary. Please record everything you eat and drink for a 3 day period and bring it to your consultation.
    For example:
    7:30 am   Bowl of porridge, 1/2 cup yogurt,  cup of green tea
    10:00am  Apple, glass of water

  7. If you have difficulty sleeping Click here to download a questionnaire to bring to the consultation.

Following the consultation a written report will be sent to your referring doctor.

I look forward to meeting you.

Your in good health,

Daniel Lewis


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