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Meditation: Are you tired of being tired? stressed about being stressed? In pain? Peace of mind is just moments away....


The  More Than Meditation- a course over 5 weeks is much
 more than sitting still......

     Commencing Thursday  22 February 2018. 






When:    Commencing  Thursday  22 February, 2018 for five evenings:    
All session are on Thursdays.  

   7:00 - 8:30 pm ( First session will conclude at 8:45)

Where:  Baptist Community Centre 12-16 Surrey Rd Sth Yarra  (street parking). 

              Please plan to arrive at between 6:30 and 6:45 to give you ample time to
              be settled before the session starts.  We just love to see you coming early.


Tuition:       $277 - early bird price ( book and pay) on or before 3pm 2 February, 2018.
$297 - full fee
$150 - previous course participants.                   

Teachers:  Bill Patterson, Kati Patterson, Bev Lewis, Daniel Lewis

Bill      -    Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, meditation teacher
Kati     -   Meditation teacher, yoga teracher
Bev     -   Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, meditation teacher
Daniel -   Physician, rheumatologist , musculoskeletal pain specialist,
               Fellow of the Australian College Lifestyle Medicine, meditation teacher.

Each of the teaches have decades medittion experience.


Comments by previous participants

Previous participants have found consistenty that the course has had profound
effects on their quality of life across many domains.

Here is a link to read 
what participants have said about the course.

Download a flier about the course  here>>>>>. Booking:  

Online registration with Mastercard or Visa,                click here >>
Telephone registrationCall Tina during office hours. Tel. 9534 9495.

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About the Course.

It is possible to reduce stress in just 30 seconds and this is one of the first
things people learn when they take part in our More Than Meditation course.

  Learn how to develop the relaxation response anywhere
  and at anytime
in order to maintain
  balance and harmony in the systems of the body. 
  In this state of balance, health and wellbeing is enhanced
  on physical, mental and emotional levels.



 Sudden Stress is the body's natural response to danger. It is a good response. 
 We all have stress. The probelm begins when we have persistent stress.  

 Sustained ( chronic) 
stress is toxic causing a build up of chemicals
 which harm all body tissues.

Although the process of meditation is natural, having some guidance and
instruction accelerates the process of achieving a meditative state and what
follows is reduced stress.

This is what a recent participant wrote in an email about the course after the
3rd session.

Dear Bill, Bev, Daniel and Kati,

My practice is going well thanks.  I have managed to meditate for 12 minutes
on Friday and today.
The pre meditation "warm up" exercises taught using the senses has
helped me focus just so much more, and I am  reading the information
on the website.
I enjoyed last Thursday night.  I feel being with the group is a great
experience.  The sense of stillness is amazing.
I seem to feel calm and not so agitated which I think is helping me
cope with the pain.
Looking forward to next Thursday night.
Thanking you,


Who is the course for?

The 5 week MORE Than Meditation Course is for beginners and experienced
meditators alike is designed to enable you to:

  1.  Reduce underlying feelings of stress
  2.  Find inner peace and deal with life’s challenges with
     more ease
  3.  More positive relationship with yourself and others
  4.  Manage pain & stress i.e. reduce anger, anxiety and depression
  5.  Establish a regular, sustainable and enjoyable meditation practice.

  This course will introduce you to a range of different meditation
  approaches. You will learn how to be more conscious of the present
  moment and how to find happiness within.

 A group experience like this course offers, gives you the
 support and motivation to make important life changes
 for greater well being.

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What you can expect in this course:

  • Support to establish a meditation practice.
  • Experiential learning
  • Overcoming the obstacles to daily meditation
  • Time management and prioritizing your valuable time
  • Training your constantly thinking mind to experience stillness
  • weekly schedule of practice
  • weekly between session email and telephone support
  • Observing your thoughts
  • Facilitated (guided) meditations
  • Access to our meditation Health Library
  • Learning and fun as you become a confident meditator

This course includes Pain Meditation modules for management of physical and
or emotional  pain.   

Click here to read  Course leader, Bill Patterson's latest article on meditation.

P.S.     Our intention is that leaning to meditate in this course will enhance your wellbeing....  forever!

PP.S.  Many health insurance funds, such as Medibank Private, Australian Unity have recognised
the benefits of Meditation and provide rebates for courses. Please check with your health fund.

 Register now 

 Cancellation Policy:
Standard industry cancellation fees apply to all bookings:

ALL cancellations must be notified IN WRITING to
The Secretary, Lewis Institute for Health & Wellbeing.

• Up to 7 days prior to the course - Course fee will be refunded minus a $55 ( inc GST)
administration fee. 
• Less than 7 days notice of cancellation -  50% of the fee is non refundable.
• After the course commences  - 100% of total price non refundable.
• All tariffs subject to change.

Please take careful note of the dates, time and location of your course as there is no
refund for missed sessions.

We reserve the right to cancel a course if a minimum number of participants have not registered
one week prior to the course commencement. If we cancel, postpone or alter the time or location
of a course, we undertake to refund the course fee in full if you do not wish to maintain your
course reservation.


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